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Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois serve girls beyond the traditional troop model. Through in-school, after-school, and community group settings, we provide all girls, regardless of the availability of volunteers, the opportunity to become a Girl Scout. We establish these school and community programs in areas that face significant barriers to joining Girl Scouts and have few traditional troop volunteers. By bringing the Girl Scout program right to them, girls who may have otherwise not had the opportunity can learn about STEM, the outdoors, life skills, and entrepreneurship.



As a volunteer for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois school and community programs, you will have the opportunity to empower girls within your community and help them develop the confidence to make positive life decisions about their health, education, finances, and future. Volunteers will work with the girls through STEM, outdoor, and financial literacy activities, while helping them develop invaluable life skills.

Volunteer opportunities are available in the Quad Cities, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Waterloo, and Dubuque communities. To learn more about program locations and create a volunteer schedule, contact Missy Sweeney at 800-798-0833.



Girl Scout school and community programs are made possible by generous community donors. With your financial support, every girl can become a Girl Scout. Make a financial donation today to provide an opportunity for girls to become self-sufficient, courageous, and ready to tackle what’s ahead.