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Staff Directory

Member Care

Kim HullDirector of Member Care319-752-3639 ext 417
Brynn BrinkmanMember Care Specialist319-363-8335 ext 751
Deanna LesthaegheMember Care Specialist563-823-9940 ext 753
Lindsey PhillipsMember Care Specialist319-232-6601 ext 752

Age Level Support

Holly BarkDirector of Age Level Support319-232-6601 ext 520
Claudia ReichManager of Age Level Support563-823-9940 ext 320
Heidi HarrellAge Level Specialist563-823-9940 ext 302
Mikayla AhrensAge Level Specialist319-363-8335 ext 214

Community Volunteer Support

Kathy SchutmanDirector of Community Volunteer Support563-823-9940 ext 332
Jennifer LeporeCommunity Volunteer Specialist319-752-3639 ext 419
Natasha McCullickCommunity Volunteer Specialist563-583-9169 ext 624

Member Placement

Deb BoydDirector of Member Placement563-823-9940 ext 318
Kimberly CarstensMember Placement Specialist563-823-9940 ext 310
Beth GarzaMember Placement Specialist563-823-9940 ext 317
Katy CongerMember Placement Specialist319-752-3639

Member Recruitment

Brenda LloydVP Member Recruitment563-823-9940 ext 323
Sarah CrabtreeMember Recruiter319-752-3639 ext 721
Lydia HepkeMember Recruiter 319-232-6601 ext 525
Kathy MillingMember Recruiter319-363-8335 ext 722
Megan TatroMember Recruiter563-823-9940 ext 342
Breana WiebersMember Recruiter319-232-6601 ext 514
Hayley LutzMember Recruiter / Community Outreach Manager563-823-9940 ext 719

Outdoor Program

Stacy ConfortiDirector of Outdoor Program563-583-9169 ext 614
Maria HamannCamp Director, Outdoor Program Coordinator563-823-9940

Community Outreach

Missy SweeneyDirector of Community Outreach563-823-9940 ext 316
Janet ChoplickCommunity Outreach Manager319-363-8335 ext 212
Robin SummersCommunity Outreach Manager319-232-6601 ext 521


Angela VentrisDirector of Program563-583-9169 ext 628
Emily DroesslerSenior Program Specialist319-363-8335 ext 213
Ashley ArnoldProgram Specialist563-823-9940 ext 308
Robyn SmuckProgram Specialist319-232-6601 ext 515

Product Sales

Marilyn AskelsonDirector of Product Sales319-363-8335 ext 207
Shawna PurdumProduct Sales Manager319-752-3639 ext 435

Member Engagement

Cheryl NollerVP of Member Engagement319-752-3639 ext 420


Mahlon SibertDirector of Property 563-823-9940 ext 711
Mike CapekRanger (Little Cloud) 563-583-9169 ext 713
Chet ScottSite Coordinator (L-Kee-Ta) 319-752-3639 ext 712


Joyce VanceDevelopment Director319-752-3639 ext 416
Jayme IronsideDevelopment Manager563-583-9169 ext 621
Kasi DeFriezeDevelopment Manager563-823-9940 ext 314
Maxine WebbDevelopment Manager319-363-8335 ext 209
Ruth AdamsDevelopment Assistant563-823-9940 ext 313


Lindsey JoensCommunications Coordinator563-823-9940 ext 329
Maura WarnerCommunications Coordinator563-583-9940 ext 327

Marketing & Development

Shelly Wells-CainVP of Marketing & Development563-823-9940 ext 326

Performance Excellence

Allison JohnsonVP of Performance Excellence319-363-8335 ext 211
Marsha ThompsonSystem Administrator319-752-3639 ext 414
Michelle HummelRegistrar319-752-3639 ext 412
Hillary BlevinsResearch Analyst 563-823-9940 ext 717
Michael DavidsonWebmaster319-232-6601 ext 714

Business Operations

Cyndee LackoreDirector of Business Operations - Cedar Rapids319-363-8335 ext 204
Joey FautschPurchaser/Shop Assoc - Dubuque563-583-9169 ext 610
Janice FirzlaffOffice Lead - Dubuque563-583-9169 ext 619
Erin GoebelOffice Lead/Shop Assoc - Waterloo319-232-6601 ext 510
Amber KeplingerOffice Lead/Shop Assoc - Cedar Rapids319-363-8335 ext 755
Jolinda BurrOffice Lead/Shop Assoc - Bettendorf563-823-9940 ext 301
Brandi HullOffice Lead/Shop Assoc - West Burlington319-752-2639 ext 712

Information Technology

Justin SpawnIT Manager563-823-9940 ext 333

Human Resources

Alison HenkleDirector of Human Resources319-363-8335 ext 210
Bonnie FranksainHuman Resources Assistant319-232-6601 ext 516


Carol BlankenshipFinance Assistant563-823-9940 ext 321
Arif IslamAccountant563-823-9940 ext 331

Executive Team

Diane NelsonChief Executive Officer563-823-9940 ext 324
Nikki HabbenChief Operating Officer563-823-9940 ext 312
Doug NelsonChief Financial Officer563-823-9940 ext 307
Kathy PingerCEO Assistant563-823-9940 ext 334