Staff Directory

Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois

Diane NelsonChief Executive Officer563-823-9940 ext 324
Ruth AdamsFund Development Assistant563-823-9940 ext 313
Ashley ArnoldLeadership Experience Manager563-823-9940 ext 308
Marilyn AskelsonProduct Sales Manager319-363-8335 ext 207
Teresa BabersRegional Membership Manager563-823-9940 ext 335
Holly BarkSr Regional Membership Manager319-232-6601 ext 520
Janelle BeswickRegional Membership Manager319-363-8335 ext 208
Carol BlankenshipFinance Assistant563-823-9940 ext 321
Hillary BlevinsResearch Analyst 563-823-9940 ext 717
Deb BoydVol Leadership Development Manager563-823-9940 ext 318
Brynn BrinkmanOffice Assistant, Grants and Outreach319-363-8335 ext 202
KC BurnsRegional Membership Manager319-363-8335 ext 203
Shelly Wells-CainVP of Fund Dev and Marketing563-823-9940 ext 326
Mike CapekSite Manager/Camp Ranger (Little Cloud) 563-583-9169 ext 713
Kimberly CarstensOffice Assistant, Membership563-823-9940 ext 310
Janet ChoplickOutreach Membership Manager319-363-8335 ext 212
Stacy ConfortiDirector of Outdoor Program563-583-9169 ext 614
Katy CongerVolunteer Service Associate319-752-3639 ext 410
Michael DavidsonE-Learning Manager319-232-6601 ext 518
Kasi DeFriezeFund Development Manager563-823-9940 ext 314
Emily DroesslerLeadership Experience Manager319-363-8335 ext 213
Jenna EngleRegional Membership Manager319-232-6601 ext 514
Mollie FaganRegional Membership Manager319-363-8335 ext 214
Joey FautschCustomer Service Associate563-583-9169 ext 610
Janice FirzlaffOffice Manager563-583-9169 ext 619
Bonnie FranksainHR Assistant, Volunteer Services319-232-6601 ext 516
Beth GarzaOffice Assistant, Volunteer Development563-823-9940 ext 317
Erin GoebelCustomer Service Associate319-232-6601 ext 510
Nikki HabbenChief Operating Officer563-823-9940 ext 312
Heidi HarrellOutreach Membership Manager563-823-9940 ext 302
Alison HenkleDirector of Human Resources319-363-8335 ext 210
Lydia HepkeRegional Membership Manager 319-232-6601 ext 525
Ann HulettOffice Manager319-752-3639 ext 429
Kim HullDirector of Volunteer Leadership Dev319-752-3639 ext 417
Michelle HummelData Specialist319-752-3639 ext 412
Jayme IronsideFund Development Manager563-583-9169 ext 621
Arif IslamAccountant563-823-9940 ext 331
Lindsey JoensCommunication Coordinator563-823-9940 ext 329
Allison JohnsonVP of Performance Excellence319-363-8335 ext 211
Amber KeplingerCustomer Service Associate319-363-8335 ext 201
Cyndee LackoreSr Office Manager319-363-8335 ext 204
Jennifer LeporeRegional Membership Manager319-752-3639 ext 419
Brenda LloydVP of Membership563-823-9940 ext 323
Heather ManaryRegional Membership Manager563-823-9940 ext 315
Kris MartinezData Specialist Membership/Camp563-823-9940 ext 346
Doug NelsonChief Financial Officer563-823-9940 ext 307
Beth NguyenData Specialist Program319-232-6601 ext 517
Cheryl NollerVP Leadership Initiatives319-752-3639 ext 420
Kathy PingerOffice Manager, Call Center563-823-9940 ext 304
Barb PostonExecutive Assistant563-823-9940 ext 334
Lindsey PowellSr Regional Membership Manager 563-823-9940 ext 716
Shawna PurdumProduct Sales Coordinator319-752-3639 ext 435
Claudia ReichSenior Volunteer Leadership Development Manager563-823-9940 ext 320
Jolene RodriguezCustomer Service Associate563-823-9940 ext 301
Sabrina SchmitzOutreach Coordinator319-363-8335 ext 205
Kathy SchutmanSr Regional Membership Manager563-823-9940 ext 332
Chet ScottSite Coordinator (L-Kee-Ta) 319-752-3639 ext 712
Mahlon SibertSite Mgr/Camp Ranger (Conestoga) 563-823-9940 ext 711
Robyn SmuckLeadership Experience Manager319-232-6601 ext 515
Justin SpawnBusiness Technology Manager 563-823-9940 ext 333
Angie StarkOutreach Coordinator563-583-9169 ext 625
Missy SweeneySr Outreach Membership Manager563-823-9940 ext 316
Megan TatroRegional Membership Manager563-823-9940 ext 342
Marsha ThompsonDirector of Business Operations319-752-3639 ext 414
Joyce VanceDirector of Fund Development319-752-3639 ext 416
Angela VentrisDirector of Leadership Experience563-583-9169 ext 628
Maxine WebbFund Development Manager319-363-8335 ext 209
Maura WarnerCommunication Coordinator563-583-9940 ext 327