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Get Outdoors

Few experiences match the feeling of being free in nature! We live in a world of smartphones, laptops, and tablets—and sometimes you need to get away from it all. That is why Girl Scouts values the outdoors experience. Learn to build a fire, canoe across a lake, go horseback riding, or become skilled in archery—the possibilities are endless! All while participating in the ah-mazing activities, girls will develop leadership, build skills, learn independence, and develop a deep appreciation for nature.

New Girl's Choice Outdoor Badges

In keeping with the century-old tradition of encouraging girls to be active outdoors, Girl Scouts has introduced all new Girls' Choice Outdoor badges. These new badges – chosen by girls - are made for the awesome adventure seeker, team builder and problem solver. It’s the newest way for girls to explore the outdoors.

Click on the age level for your group to get your free download of the Girl’s Choice Outdoor badge requirements!


Brownie: Outdoor Adventurer


Junior: Horseback Riding


Cadette: Archery


Senior: Paddling