Explore Our Camps

At Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois, our unique outdoor experiences allow girls to have fun while learning about teamwork and developing confidence—skills they’ll use the rest of their lives!


Summer Resident Camp

At our summer resident (overnight) camps, girls get a taste of independence in a safe and fun environment. Campers enjoy the best parts of being a kid: learning and playing in groups where everyone belongs, trying new and different activities and exploring nature hands on.


Troop Camping

One of the most popular ways girls experience the outdoors is with their troops. From backpacking, multi-day canoe trips, backyard camping, or a day at a local park, our volunteers teach girls about nature and the outdoors every day.

All four of our camp properties are available throughout the year for troop camping.  Find out which camp is right for you or make a plan to visit them all.

Note: Taking your troop camping requires some basic trainings  to be sure you are ready for your overnight adventure.  Contact Adult Learning for more information.


Day Camp

Held during the day or in the evening these camps are a local bit of outdoor adventure for any girl.  There are many day camp experiences throughout our council run by dedicated and talented volunteers.   All of these camps combine the traditions of outdoor Girl Scout experiences with fun girl led activities. Some day camps offer an optional overnight for experienced day campers.

All of our community day camps can be found on our searchable online calendar


Equestrian Camp

Our equestrian program includes troop riding, private lessons, and summer horse camp.


Oudoor Odyssey

To ensure girls start their outdoor journeys with strong, confident steps, Girl Scouts will renovate and develop the New Liberty camp. This project will be split into three phases, and we invite you now to help make the first phase of this project a reality. Visit Outdoor Odyssey to learn more.