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QSP / NUT Online Program

When Girl Scouts join the Fall Sale Program, they’re running their very own business! However, every business needs a team to be successful, so parents; here are a few tips for a successful sale:

  1. Return a signed permission form to your Troop Product Manager.
  2. Make sure you know the selling dates and adhere to them- starting early isn’t fair for anyone and teaches her the wrong way to be successful. Also, know when your product will be delivered so you can give your customers the best customer service possible.
  3. Help her set goals that are realistic. These could be based on a recognition level she would like to achieve or a challenge to sell a few more items than last year. Whatever it is, girls are more successful when they set goals.
  4. Remember to support them, not sell for them. Adults should guide the program and give her age-appropriate ways to be in charge.
  5. Meet deadlines the Troop Product Manager sets. They also have deadlines to meet, so it’s important to return your order card and collect all money in a timely manner.
Ways to Participate

The Fall Product Program is made up of multiple parts, giving families several ways to participate:

Online Selling - Shipped
Girls create their own online store that offers magazines, nut and candy items, and more. Ordering products online helps girls reach friends and family who live at a distance.

Online Selling - Girl Delivery
Girls create their own online store that offers magazines, nut and candy items, and more. Customers shop from the very same online store, but certain nut and candy items are able to be delivered by the girl!

Nut & Candy sales:
Girls visit potential customers to collect orders for nuts and candy products. Payment is not expected until delivery. Customers have the option of purchasing nut items to be donated to regional military, as well as magazine gift cards to be donated to the children’s hospital through our Care to Share program.

Families can choose which ways of participation work best for them or utilize them all for maximum benefit to their Girl Scout, her troop and her council. The more items a girl sells, the more rewards she earns personally and the more proceeds will be earned to fund Girl Scout activities!

Care to Share Program

Care to Share is a service project within the Fall Product Program. With Care to Share, customers have the option of making purchases to be donated to regional military and the children’s hospital. Simply enter orders in the Care to Share columns on the order card and collect the money. The council will take care of delivery!

Important Dates

October 11-November 6 — Online order taking period.

October 11-27— In person order taking period.

October 28— Order cards are due to the Troop Product Manager.

November 22 – December 1— Girls deliver products and collect money.

December 1— All money due to the Troop Product Manager.

Adhering to these deadlines will ensure that your order is filled in a timely manner and that all involved in making this program a success will have a great experience.

Training and Family Information Videos
Fall Product Program - Family Information
Fall Product Program - Families

Fall Product Program - Troop Product Managers
Fall Product Program - TPMs
Not Participating with a Troop?

Not in a troop or your troop doesn’t plan to participate? Not a problem. We encourage ALL girls to participate in both our Fall Sale Program and our Cookie Sale Program.

If your girl is not in a troop or belongs to a troop that has chosen not participate and your Girl Scout would like to participate, please fill out this form for non-troop members.

Counterfeit Money

Identifying Counterfeit Money

Hold the bill up to the light and look for:

  • Watermark: In the unprinted space to the right of the portrait, the watermark can be seen from both sides of the bill since it is not actually printed on the bill, but is embedded in the paper.
  • Security thread: This is a thin, embedded strip running from top to bottom on the face of the bill. On the $10 and $50 bills, the security strip is located to the right of the portrait. On $5, $20, and $100 bills, it is located to the left of the portrait.
  • Color-shifting ink: Tilt the bill back and forth and observe the numeral in the lower right-hand corner. On the $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills (produced in 2004 and later), the color shifts from copper to green. Bills produced between 1996 and 2003, will shift from green to black. Please note: The $5 bill does not have color-shifting, regardless of the year it was produced.

If You Receive Counterfeit Money

If you suspect counterfeit money, do not put yourself or girls in danger. Do not attempt to return the bill(s) to the passer and contact your bank and local authorities.

Spoiler Alert: Counterfeit pens are unreliable

These highly popular pens used to detect counterfeit bills are no longer reliable indicators of whether a bill is counterfeit. An alternate option is to use ultraviolet light, but these also come with limitations because they are difficult to use outside. More information on how to spot counterfeit money can be found at