Outdoor Skills
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Outdoor Skills


Overnight Troop Readiness Parts 1 & 2

The Overnight Troop Readiness training is for those planning on taking their girls on an overnight at a lodge, lock in or hotel setting. This course is a pre-requisite for taking Camp Skills training which is an in person course for those that wish to take the girls camping using tents and outdoor cooking.

After completion of the Overnight Troop Readiness training, take this Knowledge Check. This will fulfill your requirements for taking this course.

Outdoor Troop Readiness Guide

Developing Outdoor Skills in Girls


Taking the Journeys Outside


Planning Your Troop's First Campout


How to Leave No Trace Outdoors


Introduction to Camp Site Set-up


Introduction to Cooking Outdoors


Introduction to Fire Building


Outdoor Songs and Games


Extended Travel

Extended Travel Online Training

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