Troop Guidelines
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Troop Guidelines

GSEIWI Current Guidelines

Effective June 8, 2020 until further notice.

This guidance is being provided as of the effective date above. GSEIWI may modify this guidance, from time to time as circumstances change.  All guidelines must be followed for in-person troop meetings.

COVID-19 is an extremely contagious virus that spreads easily in the community. Take all reasonable precautions to limit potential exposure for girls, volunteers, and families.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to change as infection rates rise and fall in different areas. There may be regional differences or developments since this guidance was published. Continue to follow local and national directives. Discuss plans with families.

NOTE: Individual communities in Iowa and Illinois may establish stricter requirements. If that is the case in your community, you must adapt these guidelines to meet those requirements.

State Guidelines
What this means for Girl Scouts in GSEIWI
Allows for gatherings of 10 people or fewer.

Troops may meet in groups of 10 - total girls and adults, meeting GSUSA girl/adult ratios. Example: 8 girls and 2 adults.

Larger troops may break into smaller groups with each group meeting at the same time, but divided into smaller groups of 10 (girls and adults). Girls in the groups must remain static. Do not move girls from one group to another during the meeting or from one week to the next. Adults could move from one group to another (mask must be worn). Groups must stay 30 feet apart from each other.  You also may continue to host virtual troop meetings to keep girls engaged.

Adults should meet the girls at a designated drop-off location where parents can simply drive up and drop-off/pick-up their Girl Scout. This ensures that larger groups are not gathering to wait for troop participants.

Parents should have face masks available in case they need to interact closely with a leader.

GSUSA recommends hosting virtual meetings at least 20% of the time to keep tech skills and virtual meeting habits fresh.  

Maintain at least six-foot distance from other individuals. NO PHYSICAL CONTACT.

Mark off distances on the ground or group sitting accordingly. 

Adults are responsible for monitoring all social distancing guidelines. 

Hugs, handshakes, and Girl Scout traditions, such as Friendship Circles, must be adapted or not done.

Games/activities would need to be chosen to ensure physical contact is not happening. 

Hygiene and risk mitigation

Face coverings should be worn by everyone throughout the meeting.

Ensure troop first aid supplies include COVID-19 prevention items including hand sanitizer, tissues, disposable facemasks, and disinfectants.

Must have hand washing/sanitizing supplies available. Sanitize hands upon arrival, throughout (at least every 30 minutes) and just before leaving.

Remind troop members of appropriate process. If not followed, ensure participant sanitizes hands and any surfaces coughed/sneezed on are cleaned.

NOTE: You might have a virtual meeting prior to meeting in person where girls make their own face mask from a bandana to bring to the meeting. 

Regularly clean high-touch surface

Identify areas at your meeting location that will need to be wiped down after each person touches it (door handles, handle of toilet, faucets, tables, etc.) and ensure they are wiped down after each participant touches it.

Minimize the use of shared materials such as markers, crayons, scissors, etc. by having each girl provide her own box of identified items. This box can be carried to and from the meeting by the individual girl. If collected and stored in one location, each box should be wiped off with sanitizing wipe before stored.

If there are shared items, sanitize after each individual person uses the item.

Ensure troop is following CDC and state health department guidelines.

Water fountains must stay closed. 

Ensure each participant brings their own filled-water bottle.

If serving snacks, they should be prepackaged individual snacks. Person distributing snacks must wash hands prior to distributing. (Or have each participant bring their own snack.)

Do not share dishes/utensils. 

Additional Guidelines from GSEIWI based on GSUSA guidance.
Meeting Location

At this time, outdoor spaces where social distancing can be maintained are strongly recommended for meetings.

No in-home meetings at this time.

Meetings may not be held in fitness centers or gyms, where a greater risk for contracting the virus may exist. Schools or churches may not permit outside groups on premises, so always check and confirm ahead of time.

For meetings held in public areas, volunteers must ensure the space is clean and touch surfaces (i.e., tabletops, chairs, etc.) have been sanitized.

If you know storms are forecasted, cancellation of the meeting is preferred.

Ensure there is at least 30 feet of distance between your troop and any other group that may be meeting in the area.

If meeting in the same outdoor space as another troop, the groups must remain static, no mixing of the girls from the two troops. 

We are not accepting rentals at any Girl Scout properties at this time.

Length of Meeting You may want to keep meetings relatively short to limit the number of bathroom trips. Many public bathrooms, such as at parks, are currently not open.
Screenings—self evaluation

Parents should ensure their child does not have a temperature or feel ill prior to coming to the troop meeting. 

Troop members who are ill, living with someone who is ill, showing symptoms, or in a high-risk category should not participate in troop meetings.  

Parents must determine the risks of allowing their child attend troop meetings and determine if now is the time for their child to resume in-person Girl Scouting.


Individual parents drop off and pick up their own girls from meetings.  

Carpooling and public transportation should be avoided to maintain social distancing. 

Adults should meet the girls at a designated drop off location where parents can simply drive up and drop-off/pick-up their Girl Scout. This ensures that larger groups are not gathering to wait for troop participants. 

Parents should have face masks available in case they need to interact closely with a leader. 

Travel and overnight stays  Overnight trips/travel are not permitted at this time.
Day trips and activities  Call ahead to the facility or vendor to confirm that they are following CDC and state health department guidelines. 

Reporting and communicating a positive COVID-19 test. In the event of a COVID-19 positive test result, do NOT contact the parents or troop members.  Promptly contact your council in this situation.  A council staff member and NOT volunteers, will be responsible for:

  • Confirming and tracing the positive tester, 
  • Contacting the parents of anyone who may have been exposed (or other volunteers), 
  • Notifying a facility or homeowner where a troop has met, and 
  • Alerting the state department of health. 

Let other volunteers know that council staff, NOT volunteers, will notify parents and others about a positive test result and that the tester’s identity is confidential. Remember that girl and volunteer health information is private and strictly confidential and should be only shared on a need to know basis with a council staff member.

To report to GSEIWI, contact or call Member Support at 800-798-0833 and let them know you would like to report a COVID-19 case. A team member will refer you to the appropriate staff member, who will contact you to gather the specific information.