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Kindergarten Girl Scouts

Expand her world outside of school. In an all-girl group of new friends, you’ll see her confidence grow as she tries new things and achieves big goals. Plus, when you pitch in as a volunteer, you’ll find new ways to connect with your girl and her peers.

Starting school brings a lot of changes for both you and your child, but there are a few simple things you can do to help her start the first day of school with confidence!

  1. Prepare her for the basics. Can she put on and take off her shoes? Zip her coat? Kindergarten is a place to play, run, climb, and learn, so dress her for ease and comfort as she learns her new space!
  2. Get to know the school. Schedule a time to visit the school and check out her classroom as well as important places like the library and playground.
  3. Do a practice run. A few days before school starts, set an alarm, and adjust to the new morning routine.
  4. Take turns telling a story. Tell a piece of a story, as your child listens, ask her to pick up where you left off. It’s not only fun but also develops the communication skills needed to transition to kindergarten. Also, try reading storybooks about kindergarten as the first day gets closer!
  5. Develop skills for making friends. If your daughter shared with a sibling or cheered up someone who was sad, let her know that she did a nice thing! And when kids aren’t kind, make sure she is comfortable speaking up for herself.

In Girl Scouts, she will earn badges and participate in activities that help her explore new interests! She can get started this summer in the program and be prepared for the classroom in the fall.