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Become a Girl Scout

Our program will give her the confidence and skills to adjust to new situations! With Girl Scouts, she will:

  • Discover a world full of fun experiences and new activities.
  • Boost her confidence and help her make new friends.
  • Find a safe, all-girl place to explore her interests and learn new skills.

Girls entering kindergarten in the fall can join Girl Scouts beginning on May 1. If you would like a reminder when she can join the program or more information about what she will accomplish as a Girl Scout, share your contact information with our team!



Petal Set

Girl Scouts in grades K-1 will earn their Daisy Petal Set as they learn the meaning behind the Girl Scout Promise and Law. When girls achieve an understanding of the following parts of the Law, they will earn a new petal.

Blue Promise Center: Girl Scout Promise
Light Blue: Honest and Fair
Yellow: Friendly and Helpful
Spring Green: Considerate and Caring
Red: Courageous and Strong
Orange: Responsible for what I say and do
Purple: Respect Myself and Others
Magenta: Respect Authority
Green: Use Resources Wisely
Rose: Make the world a better place
Violet: Be a sister to every Girl Scout

All aspects of the Girl Scout Promise and Law are a great foundation for girls to become courageous and confident and live with character!