Ways to Participate
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Ways to Participate

Joining a troop is one way of participating in Girl Scouts. It is our mission to provide you with fun, social, and unique opportunities so you can do Girl Scouts the way you want. You will get together with your friends to seek adventure, learn together, take the lead, and explore the outdoors. With support from your Girl Scout sisters and troop leader you will learn to shine!

Join an Existing Girl Scout Troop

When you join Girl Scouts, you get options! From a traditional troop of your peers to going solo as a Juliette, you’re sure to find a place here.

Traditional Troops

Traditional troops are led by a volunteer troop leader—usually a parent or guardian of one of the girls in the troop. You and your troop sisters decide what to do, and work together with your troop leader to make it happen. Whether you get together once a week or once a month, you’ll find yourself counting the days until your next troop meeting starts!

You’ll try new lots of new things—like camping, designing a robot, making jewelry, geocaching, helping your community, conducting science experiments, planting gardens, and oh, so much more.

Juliettes (Individual Girl Members)

Juliette Girl Scouts are registered girl members in grades K-12 who are not affiliated with a troop or troop leader. Instead, you’ll have flexibility to try all the experiences Girl Scouts has to offer, on your own time, guided by your Juliette mentor! You’ll participate in our program grade levels (Daisies, Brownies, etc.), earn badges and awards, sell cookies, and much more—all with personal guidance from an important adult in your life.

Whether you travel the world or meet new friends at Girl Scout events, your independence and passion will lead you to success both in Girl Scouts and in your life!

Start a Girl Scout Troop

Parents/guardians and community members make a key difference in the lives of girls by guiding them through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Leading a traditional troop is an incredible way to help girls empower themselves to make the world a better place! To get started, select the “I want to lead her troop” option when you join Girl Scouts.



No matter how she chooses to participate, with Girl Scouts she can: