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Girl Scouts Bring Easter to Everyone

Geneseo Girl Scouts

Easter is a time that brings many families and friends together to not only celebrate a religious holiday, but to watch children’s eyes light up as they discover presents and treats from a very generous bunny. When troop leaders in Geneseo found out that their local pantry did not have enough food donations to help families provide Easter dinner, they decided to bring their troops together to give Easter to everyone in the community. More than 70 Girl Scouts from grades K-8 came together and created 54 food baskets for an Easter dinner and 108 Easter baskets for children.

 “This really raised awareness and empathy for our girls. Before, they didn’t understand that that not every child will have an Easter basket waiting when they wake up,” says Troop Leader, Taunya McGee. “They also learned that it takes many people to make a project like this happen, but when we work together we can accomplish something really big.”

The girls were responsible for bringing an ingredient for the Easter meals and included recipes for each dish to help with preparation. Once all the food was collected, the grocery items were placed in laundry baskets so they can be used beyond this one meal. Because the most important surprise on Easter is a basket full of candy and toys, girls also went to work filling Easter eggs and collecting chocolate bunnies for each child to have.

When a community is in need, Girl Scouts are always right there to step up and make a difference. Because of this project, 54 families in the Geneseo community are able to have a delicious meal and 108 children will have a surprise waiting for them on Easter morning. Because of the success of the event, McGee believes this will become an annual project.