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Girl Scout Cookies Get Allergy Friendly!

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Girl Scout Cookies Get Allergy Friendly!

Everyone knows that Girl Scouts now offer gluten free cookie options, but those with other food allergies still have trouble finding cookies. Ramey’s cookies use substitutions so people affected by corn, milk, and barley allergies can still enjoy them. She came up with the idea after her father was diagnosed with unusual food allergies.

“After a couple years and a couple cookie sales, it was very noticeable that he (her father) couldn't have Girl Scout Cookies,” says Ramey. “This sparked the desire to make Girl Scout Cookies that he, as well as others like him, could eat.”

Ramey baked and tested numerous batches of cookies until she discovered the perfect combination for cookies that looked and tasted like authentic Girl Scout Cookies. Ramey’s cookie recipes, as well as tips and tricks for baking with allergies, can be found at Read the whole story in the Galena Gazette or see the coverage in the Telegraph Herald.