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Girl Scouts Grow (Together) Through Travel

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“Here is one secret to keeping middle school and high school girls in Girl Scouts. Girls want experiences they cannot get through other activities and planning their own vacation and seeing the outcome of that planning is a BIG EXPERIENCE!” –Aimee Williams, Girl Scout Leader

After years of learning, fine tuning skills, and taking on new experiences, Girl Scouts are ready to step outside their comfort zone to go on adventures they have been dreaming about their whole lives. Girl Scout travel opportunities are those once in a lifetime chances exclusive to girls in our program, that allows girls to plan, organize, and participate in a trip that brings together everything they have learned as a Girl Scout. More than this, studies show that girls who travel develop a greater sense of empathy, cultural understanding and sensitivity, open mindedness, and are more likely to become civic minded individuals. They also learn how to become problem solvers, communicators, and leaders, skills consistently seen in older girls who work towards completing service projects and planning trips.

There are opportunities for travel at any age! Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts can go on camp outs as a troop, while Juniors visit a nearby landmark. Cadettes and Seniors can plan a fun adventure in a new state, while Ambassadors get ready to go abroad. The possibilities are endless, and with each opportunity, she will learn skills that will bring out her inner go-getter, innovator, risk-taker and leader.

Over the years, many girls have taken advantage of the travel opportunities offered through our council and Girl Scouts at a national level. Whether they are traveling to a waterpark the next town over or a new country thousands of miles away, Girl Scouts will give her the skills to learn and thrive wherever she goes!

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