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Reasons to Attend Summer Camp (From a Camper!)

Leah Brown

Camp can be a little new and intimidating for younger girls, but long-time camper, Leah, shares her encouragement for all girls to step outside their comfort zones and explore the outdoors.

1.       There is something for everyone.

If you want to get away from civilization, then you can sign up for a wilderness camp where you do outdoor activities like canoeing, learning how to make a shelter, making spears out of sticks, and of course, hiking. You can also set up tents in a camping area for sleeping while looking up at the stars. If you want to do indoor activities, you can sign up for a session with more indoor activities and interact more with people. There’s even a camp session for cooking!

2.       Summer camp can help you get over homesickness.

If you are a person who has trouble staying away from home, camp can help you get over that fear. Many campers have gone to camp thinking that they will be gloomy all the time because they won’t be sleeping in their own bed. At camp, you will hardly think about being away from home because you will be so busy having fun all the time! And with trained professionals with you at all times, they are always ready to help you at a moment’s notice.

3.       You create a lot of new friends.

When you go to camp, you spend five days with roughly twenty other girls who are about your age.  Most likely you will not know any of them, so you will have the opportunity to meet many new people. A lot girls who go to camp over the summer are still in touch with the friends they made. You will be amazed at the strong connections you can make in just five days.

4.       You learn a lot.

At camp, no matter what session you sign up for, you will learn a lot of things! Each session requires group decisions on what activities to do so each session is specifically made for the girls in that group. For example, if you go to the lake you will learn how to canoe or paddle board, and those are great skills to have. If your group chooses to do this, you can learn how to make spears out of sticks! In some sessions, you will even learn how to cook.

5.       It is an extremely fun experience.

Almost every girl who goes to camp has fun from the beginning to the end of the five days. With activities like canoeing, the high ropes course, and zip lining, there is no reason not to have fun. You will have such a great time at camp that you will wonder where the days went.

6.       Camp can help you conquer your fears.

Although camp can help conquer many fears, a big one is a fear of heights. Many people don’t like being up high, but after camp most girls find that they are able to stay up in higher places after zip lining or the high ropes course. All the equipment at camp has passed many tests to make sure everything is extremely safe. The activities are in a controlled environment that makes it entertaining and enjoyable. Trust us, you will not regret the life changing experience of the high ropes course!

Learn more about summer camp and find a session to meet your schedule and interests!

Leah Brown is in grade 8 at Anamosa Middle School. She is a Girl Scout, plays the oboe, and enjoys taking photos of the countryside around her house.