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What Cadettes Do

Making true-blue friends, saving the planet, standing up against stereotypes, using their team power for the greater good—that’s what being a Girl Scout Cadette is all about.

Cadettes blaze new trails in the wilderness, write and direct their own movies, take the stage for public speaking, make delicious meals from around the world, and pick up tools to do some woodworking. Their curiosity and imagination lead the way as they try all kinds of new experiences.

As a Cadette, she might:


Choose an issue she cares about, then do something to make a difference as part of a Girl Scout Leadership Journey


Earn her Silver award, the highest award a Cadette can earn


Get outdoors and off the beaten trail


Try out new experiences (and learn new skills) as she earns badges


Gain confidence as she mentors younger Girl Scouts (and earns her Leadership in Action award in the process)

Badge Spotlight


Robotics: Designing Robots: Build a prototype of a new kind of robot that could help someone to overcome a daily obstacle. 

Comic Artist: Find out more about the world of comic art and then tell your own visual story.

Financing My Dreams: Find out how to turn your daydreams into real life—and then learn how to budget for them. 

Eco Trekker: Plan and take an outdoor trek—with minimal environmental impact.

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High school will be here before you know it, but Girl Scouts are always  prepared. Check out what she might do. Looking forward to college years? So are we.