What Juliettes Do
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2019 Juliettes

What Juliettes Do

Be a Juliette Girl Scout and design your own program!

Juliette Girl Scouts are in grades K–12 and do not participate in traditional troops. Instead, Juliettes work independently to do all the same things that troops do. When there isn't a troop in her area, her troop no longer meets, or extra curricular activities just take up too much time—becoming a Juliette will allow her to continue her journey in Girl Scouts!

Girl Scouting as a Juliette

Juliettes can complete badgesJourneys, and Highest Awards, just like any other Girl Scout. Juliettes can meet new friends at events, find adventure at summer camp, and travel the world.

In addition to events, Anytime Activity partners and Programs on Demand are two more ways to immerse yourself in the Girl Scout experience. These unique options can be arranged to fit your schedule!

Mentors and Support

As a Juliette, you will have a mentor to support you along the way. A Juliette mentor is an adult chosen by a girl and her family to guide her through the Girl Scout experience. A mentor helps a girl pick which awards she wants to achieve and empowers her on her journey.

Juliette mentors are also responsible for submitting all of a girl's required forms to participate in programs. To become a Juliette mentor all you need to do is register as an Adult Volunteer.

As a mentor, a great resource to familiarize yourself with is the Juliette Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) Guide. This awesome guide will get you on your way to planning a fantastic year in Girl Scouts! There are also other really helpful tools in our Leader Resources.

Business Savvy

Your girl may need to earn funds for all of the great opportunities she wants to pursue as a Juliette! Our two product programs offered every year, Fall Sale and the Cookie Program, offer not only a way to earn money—but to learn five very important skills.

  • Goal setting
  • Decision making
  • Money management
  • People skills
  • Business ethics

Here are two very helpful resources in getting started with her best business venture.

Badge Spotlight


Space Science Explorer: Explore and observe the sky like a real space scientist. Explore the sun, observe the moon, and meet the stars!

Pets: Learn how to choose the pet that's right for you—or find out how to take the best care of a pet you already have.

Cybersecurity: Investigator: Become a cybersecurity investigator and learn how to spot threats online.

Comic Artist: Find out more about the world of comic art and then tell your own visual story.

College Knowledge: From test prep to financial aid, explore the ins and outs of the college admissions process.

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