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What Ambassadors Do

Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors are ready to take the world by storm—and Girl Scouts will give them millions of ways to do it.

They can travel to amazing places like Costa Rica, Japan, or India; explore exciting careers in a variety of fields, from science to the arts to education to government; take on big projects and help others in a big way. And, of course, they can earn their Gold Award, which (by the way) adds that “little something extra” to their college applications. Seniors and Ambassadors are eager to spread their wings—and Girl Scouts helps them take flight.


Interested in earning your Gold Award? You’ll be in great company. Check out some Gold Award projects and find out how to join the club.



Badge Spotlight


Journey: Think Like a Programmer: Find out how programmers use computational thinking to solve problems. 

College Knowledge: From test prep to financial aid, explore the ins and outs of the college admissions process.

On My Own: Know how to create and stick to a budget so you can avoid financial pitfalls and be independent. 

Eco Advocate: Discover a nature issue that’s important to you, find solutions, and make a difference.

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