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8 Simple Ways to Become a GSEIWI Honor Troop

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Whether you are a first time troop leader or a leader with years of experience, you know the importance of helping girls have the best Girl Scout experience possible. We have created a list of 8 simple ways troop leaders can earn Honor Troop status, with each item aligning to our mission of helping girls develop a strong sense of self, display positive values, seek challenges, form healthy relationships, and, ultimately, make the world a better place.

1. Set & Keep a Regular Meeting Time & Location.

-          At least one meeting per month

-          Involve parents for support & help - snacks, special skills, etc.

2. Participate in Girl Scout Traditions.

-          Learn and say the Promise & Law, sing Girl Scout songs, take
           part in simple ceremonies, wear a Girl Scout pin or uniform

3. Complete a Service Project.

-          Help at a community event, collect items for a shelter, visit
           a nursing home and sing carols

4. Take Part on an Outdoor Activity.

-          Go to your community park, take a hike, walk in a parade

-          Attend an event at any of our 3 Girl Scout camps

5. Experience a Field Trip or Girl Scout Event.

-          Girl Scouts has lots of events to take your troop

-          Visit your local fire station, museum, bakery

6. Participate in Girl Scout Product Program(s).

-          Cookie Program!

-          Fall Product Program - Chocolate, Nuts, and Magazines

7. Help Girls Choose a Few Badges to Work on Over the Course of the Year.

-          Choose badges that peak the girls’ interest from a wide range
           of options found in our National Program Portfolio.

8. Most Importantly, Just Have Fun!

-          For any questions you have or support that you need, call
           800-798-0833, send us an email at
           or visit our website,