Celebrating Cookie CEOs
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Celebrating Cookie CEOs

Girl Scout Cookies are an iconic piece of our program, but what people don't know is the big impact this sweet treat makes in our community. Annually, the Cookie Program is the largest fundraiser for not only our council but Girl Scout Troops as well. And what makes an even bigger impact? The less measurable moments:

  • The girl who learns to balance a budget and work with her peers to reach a goal
  • The Troop that chooses to use the proceeds from the program to create a service project for their community
  • The alumna who looks back on her cookie-selling days as the first time she reached a goal and stepped outside her comfort zone
  • The movement that donates thousands of boxes of cookies to local military and first responders to thank them for keeping our region safe

While the 2020 Cookie Program wrapped up unusually in reaction to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our girls, volunteers, and staff came together to ensure our council remained strong and able to continue our mission. We want to thank everyone who went the extra mile during this stressful time! 

We also want to cheer for the girls who participated in the program and earned some fun prizes and rewards for their hard work! Every year, thousands of girls join the Cookie Program to open their own cookie business. Throughout the sale, girls learn entrepreneurship skills and work with their Troops to reach customers. And now it is time to celebrate!

All girls are invited to the upcoming Digital Cookie Dance party on May 21, 2020! DJ SethGZ with GoodvibeZ Entertainment has the best playlist ready for an at-home party, and we will share some impressive cookie stats from the 2020 Cookie Program! Leading up to the event, we will have a video series to make glow at home, prepare the best pizza ever, and even a dance class so everyone can do a dance routine at the party. Sign up today so she can dance the night away!
Before the party begins, we also want to shout out to some overachievers from the 2020 Cookie Program! While most Girl Scouts sell about 200 boxes of cookies, some girls take their business to a whole new level. 

In 2020, 11 girls earned a free trip to Disney World by selling more than 2,500 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies! Give a round of applause to these top sellers:

2605 Julian Henry 
2602 Marineah Pedder
2587 Hope Olson
2559 Olivia Osbon
2553 Callie Ann Caulkins
2532 Olivia Godwin
2524 Gabrielle Uy
2520 Haylee Larimer
2514 Lily Lanning
2500 Madalyn Campbell
2500 Peyton Campbell

Selling that many cookies is not an easy task! Congrats to all the girls who achieved their goals, including the following list of girls who sold 500 packages of cookies or more. 

Girls Who Sold 500+