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Summer Pen Pals

Take a break from the computer, but still keep connected with your Girl Scout sisters! Our summer pen pal program is bringing girls together from across the council. In the program, girls will be paired across different program levels, so Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors can mentor Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors. 

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Girls are encouraged to share details about what they have done in Girl Scouts as well as other fun information about themselves, like school, sports, and other activities. Pen Pals will exchange letters from June-September, and can even continue writing letters throughout the year after the official program in wrapped up. 

Pen Pals will come from different age levels, so girls with all different writing abilities can join! Each correspondence can be unique and can step outside a traditional letter format. Picture, collages, and a little parent assistance are all okay, as long as girls are taking the opportunity to connect. Find some ideas to kick off the conversation:

  • Participate in the Get Outdoors Challenge together and write about your different adventures and activities to achieve the patch.
  • Share a favorite recipe or craft and zoom together to teach one another your talent! If you need inspiration for an activity, watch one of our virtual programs together. 
  • Pick a service project like cleaning up litter on walks or making toys for animals in shelters - you can correspond about your progress and double your impact.

And the best part of the Pen Pal program? Girls are showcasing their leadership skills while having fun. Girls in middle and high school will be mentors to younger girls, and younger girls will have a new role model!

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