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Your Next Steps in Girl Scouts

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Bridging is an important moment for every Girl Scouts! It is an opportunity to reflect on her accomplishments, plan for new adventures, and celebrate with her Girl Scout sisters. While each bridging ceremony is unique and personal to the girls in the Troop, there are a few basics to cover.

Who should bridge?

There are six levels of Girl Scouts and five opportunities to bridge!

  1. Daisy (K-1) to Brownie (2-3)
  2. Brownie (2-3) to Junior (4-5)
  3. Junior (4-5) to Cadette (6-8)
  4. Cadette (6-8) to Senior (9-10)
  5. Senior (9-10) to Ambassador (11-12)
  6. Ambassador (11-12) to Adult

When a Girl Scout bridges to the next level, she should prepare by reviewing her accomplishments at the current level, purchasing the new uniform with insignia, and researching the opportunities available in the new level. Girl Scout Ambassadors bridging to adult can choose to renew their memberships annually or become lifetime members. Any adult volunteer or supporter can join this special group of champions for all girls.

How do you bridge?

Bridging ceremonies often utilize a bridge as girls take literal steps toward the future, physically and symbolically. Girls should be at the center of planning the ceremony and can get creative on what represents a bridge to cross for them. The bridging ceremony is also an excellent opportunity to hand out certificates and recent badges and journeys earned!

Although these ceremonies are intended to be unique and creative, there are three main components to cover:

  1. Opening: Welcome guests and kick off the service with a flag ceremony or reciting the Girl Scout Promise and Law.
  2. Main section: The ceremony is explained to guests and girls, with the help of volunteers, lead the celebration.
  3. Closing: Thank guests for attending and end with an activity such as a friendship circle or flag ceremony.

Because bridging is such a special moment for Girl Scouts, they should invite family, friends, and any other community members that have helped throughout the journey. 

There are even awards associated with each level for bridging! We highly recommend working towards these awards. The steps will help girls plan the ceremony and feel prepared to join the next level of the program. More information can be found in the Volunteer Toolkit and this bridging guide.  

When your Troop is ready to bridge, always remember to take lots of photos and videos to commemorate the moment! When girls are in high school and middle school, it is entertaining to look back on photos from bridging Daisies to Brownies. Share any pictures from your bridging event with, and you might be featured on our social media pages.