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Boost Your Resume with your Volunteer Skills

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The unique and impactful skills you bring to your time as a Troop Leader are the exact talents and energy today’s employers need. As a reliable, empathetic, and creative leader, you are not only making the world a better place as a volunteer but can also make an impact in the workplace. Whether you’re entering the workforce again, planning your next promotion, or looking for a new employer, you have what it takes to achieve your career goals.


First and foremost, employers are looking to fill roles with talented people who know the value of community. Your time with Girl Scouts shows a passion for building the next generation and the impression that you are a connected community leader.

We all know that staying organized is key to running a successful Girl Scout Troop. You’re coordinating many schedules, working with different styles, and managing the surprises that come up when working with kids (and parents!) Don’t be afraid to add the time and logistics to manage meetings, activities, and members.

Whether you’re managing the girls, parents, other volunteers, or relationships with council and community partners, you’re managing a lot as a troop leader. If you don’t have professional experience managing and are trying a new role, add your management experience as a volunteer!

Facebook, email, texts, and phone calls – there are so many ways in which you get the families in your troop organized and informed. The processes you put in place and the time used to keep families on a schedule is a big resume boost. You know how to effectively communicate with many different people to make your goals happen.

Event Logistics
Party planning is a necessary skill in many professions! Although the girls are learning and growing to take over logistics, you’re managing the steps it takes to make a vision happen. From executing a vision to preparing supply lists to setting up for the event, all of these skills are beneficial for many organizations.

Supply Chain Management
No, seriously, your time ordering, allocating, distributing, and sorting cookies is incredibly valuable. You’re using ordering and management tools through our council to keep inventory in check and developing systems to coordinate with families and ensure a successful sale. You create the infrastructure to help girls reach their goals and deserve that credit.

Youth Development
You care so much for the girls in your troop and have learned that each child has different needs and learning styles. Your experience as a troop leader isn’t just taking care of the girls; you’re identifying their unique skills to help them become the leaders you know they can be.

When you keep learning and growing in your career, you’re role modeling to the girls in your troop that they can achieve anything.