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Celebrate Your Troop Leader

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Because of your Troop Leader, your daughter learns to listen with her heart, think with her feet, and raise her voice for what she believes in. Give your Troop Leader a shout-out this Volunteer Appreciation Month to thank her for everything she does for your Girl Scout. Find tips below to thank the explorers, trailblazers, changemakers, and stargazers who volunteer to give your Girl Scout a life-changing experience.

Say “Thanks.” Short and simple is sometimes best! A quick “thank you” coming directly from you and your Girl Scout will make the sweetest gift.

Create something. Break out your craft supplies to create a scrapbook, paint a picture, or frame a memento. Your Troop Leader will love the heartfelt creation, and an even better bonus will be if your Girl Scout makes something with skills the volunteer share with her troop.

Send a note. Write or email a personalized note that shows how thankful you and your girl are to have your Troop Leader in your life.

Make it a surprise. Coordinate with other troop families a unique thank you during Volunteer Appreciation. From a drive-way celebration to a social media shout-out – make it loud and clear your troop loves the volunteers who make Girl Scouts possible.

Give a gift. Gift cards, cups of coffee, favorite candy bars all make a fun and thoughtful gift. Team up with other troop families to get them a token of appreciation from the Girl Scout Shop—when you use the code VOLUNTEER2021*, you’ll get a sweet 10% off!

Donate in her honor. Girl Scout volunteers dedicate so much of their time and energy to build girls of courage, confidence, and character. Help their efforts by donating to their favorite charity or our local council to continue providing resources and support for volunteers.

Volunteer. Join the troop as a volunteer and provide more support and leadership to connect girls with opportunities to find their sparks.

Don’t take our word for it; volunteer, Amy, had this to say about her most memorable gift:

“The best and most touching gift I ever received was during an overnight. I found on my pillow a handwritten note from one of my girls thanking me for all I had done to give the troop all the opportunities the girls have had.”

Let’s create a kinder world by showing some love to the people who make Girl Scouting possible—volunteers!

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