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Collect Your Wild Goose Chase Patches

Wild Goose Chase 530x220

Ready to hit the road? The Wild Goose Chase has officially kicked off! The five-summer travel challenge invites families and troops to explore what makes our council region special.

How it works:

  1. Assemble your road trip crew! Tackle the Wild Goose Chase with friends, family, or your troop.
  2. Pick which region you want to travel to first. We created five regions within our council territory. Choose the map closest to home or explore further away.
  3. Read through the clues to guess the locations. Before embarking on your travels, scan the QR code to double-check.
  4. Make a plan and hit the road! Capture your adventures with photos at each stop.
  5. When you traveled to each location, complete the challenge form to purchase your patches.

Each regional challenge map has a different goose patch to collect, and you can even purchase a starter car to place all of your geese.

When you have completed one challenge, then decide where you are headed next and when! Over the next five summers, girls will have the opportunity to collect the patches. Embrace the adventure and join the Wild Goose Chase today!