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Perks of Being a Troop Leader

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Being a troop leader is more than leading an after-school activity for your child. When you continue volunteering with Girl Scouts, you are helping your whole troop reach their potential – including YOU.

Develop a special connection with your daughter: She will only be a child or teenager for a short time, and then she is off on her own. Being your daughter's troop leader means that you get a view of her life from the inside circle. How does she make friends? How does she treat people? What are things important to her? You witness her growth firsthand from a timid 5-year-old to a confident teen who advocates for a better world.

Gain greater confidence in yourself: You may not consider yourself a "leader," but you will after seeing the reflection of yourself in a young Girl Scout's eyes. To the young members of your troop, you are the cheerleader who helps them to try something new. You have a smile that brightens a bad day. You are the hero who bravely guides a spider out of a tent. As your confidence in being a leader grows, you will find yourself growing to take on new challenges.

Make meaningful friendships and relationships: Being a leader gives you a chance to talk and work with new people. You will continue to meet other female leaders who inspire you to do your best and hold your head high through struggles. Not all co-leaders end up best friends, but you can find a more diverse circle of people who become lifelong friends through a greater network of volunteers.

Be a Happier Person: Contributing to a cause that you believe in can feel good.  Not to mention, childhood can be full of fun times and belly laughs. Laugh when your troop laughs, and look for experiences that encourage laughter (even at your own expense sometimes). Being a troop leader helps us to remember to not always take life too seriously!

Get ready for another year of friendship and fun!