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National Council Session

Starting in 1915 and every few years since then, delegates from every council across the nation and USA Girl Scouts Overseas have met during our National Council Sessions (NCS) to discuss, debate, and vote on issues important to the Girl Scout Movement and elect national leaders for the next triennium.

Save the date for July 2023 and the 56th National Council Session! We can’t wait to gather again safely in person for the 56th National Council Session, taking place in Orlando, Florida, in July 2023 (exact dates to be announced in late 2021). In the meantime, watch this video to get excited for our next convention!

Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois needs volunteers and girls to represent our council at the session! This role is a great honor and takes some work to prepare for the NCS, a sweet perk is a trip to sunny Orlando.

Before applying, please look over the position description. The application closes December 21, 2021.

National Delegate Position Description

Any volunteer who is passionate about Girl Scouts, enjoys discussing governing rules, and wants to connect with other volunteers and girls in our region is a perfect fit as a National Delegate.

Any girl who is interested in governing rules and able to participate in discussions to represent the voice of girls in our region should apply. In general, girls in grades 8-10 are eligible to apply to be delegates. Although, please check the age requirements below.

  • Girls must be at least 14 years of age by April 9, 2022.
  • Girls must be in high school at the time of national convention in July 2023. This ensures that girl delegates serve for a full year after the national convention.


The National Council is authorized to:

  • Elect the National Board of Directors and National Board Development Committee.
  • Amend the constitution.
  • Establish requirements for credentials.
  • Act on proposals.
  • Influence the strategic direction of the Movement by providing guidance to the National Board.


Girl Scout councils should elect delegates based on the following criteria (note: the delegation should be representative of the diversity of the council membership and include girl voices)

  • Ability to think strategically and focus on the future of the Girl Scout Movement.
  • Experience and/or interest in policy-influencing and policy-making positions.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the workings of Girl Scout councils and the Movement.
  • Ability to analyze issues from a national as well as a council perspective. National Council actions and decisions have Movement-wide implications.
  • Commitment to attending council and GSUSA training sessions to be as informed as possible about the issues and democratic process utilized at the National Council Session.
  • Willingness to support all the decisions of the National Council and to educate council members about the decisions made.


  1. In advance of the National Council Session, everyone elected by the council as a voting
    • Study all items on the agenda, including background information, and recommendations of the
      National Board of Directors.
    • Attend briefing meetings conducted by the council; participate in council, board, and
      association meetings; and participate in council forums and focus groups, as requested.
    • Consider a broad spectrum of the opinions of adult and older girl members from all parts of the
    • Participate in teleconferences/webinars for voting members sponsored by GSUSA.
    • Engage in opportunities to discuss, learn, and share ideas across the Movement.

  2. While attending the National Council Session, each voting member is responsible for:
    • Attending all business meetings and participating in the proceedings.
    • Being fully prepared to participate in discussions and vote on all business items.

  3. Upon returning from the National Council Session, each National Council voting member/delegate is prepared to:
    • Report at the council’s annual meeting to the council board of directors, and the council’s constituency (if requested by council board chair/president and CEO) on the National Council decisions and the reasons for such decisions.
    • Share insights on information gained at the National Council Session, if requested.
    • Assist the council as it prepares to participate in the next National Council Session, if requested.
    • Participate in teleconferences/webinars and other opportunities for voting members/delegates.