Community Outreach
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Community Outreach

Uniquely Me (K – 3rd grades) and Fearlessly Me (4th – 8th grades) are Girl Scout community outreach programs designed to provide the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to underserved girls and at-risk girls. Specially trained staff and volunteers work with schools and community groups to give every girl an opportunity to be a Girl Scout regardless of any barriers she may be up against.

Some barriers girls face to participating in Girl Scouts are lack of:

  • Transportation
  • Financial Resources
  • Parental Support
  • Access to Traditional Girl Scout Troops in their Area

In order to combat these barriers, we provide staff led programming to fit the needs of the girls and offer our programs before, during, and after school. Programs are held at a school or a Girl Scout community partner location so we can meet the girls where they are. Uniquely Me and Fearlessly Me programming supports girls as they develop knowledge and skills for a positive future.

Girl Scouts values community partner support in sustaining a program financially or through other methods such as providing staff, transportation, or joint grant opportunities. While support from our partners is not required, we are unable to effectively provide programming without it.

Outreach Program Curriculum

The Uniquely Me program introduces girls to Girl Scouts and allows them to begin exploring and finding new interests. Fearlessly Me allows girls to refine skills and learn more in depth information about topics previously introduced to them, with a stronger focus on leadership beyond individual impact.

Both programs focus on the Girl Scout core initiatives:

  • Stem
  • Outdoor
  • Life Skills
  • Entrepreneurship

Throughout each six week session, girls will be introduced to a topic or skill. By the end of the program, girls become experts and are able to share and apply the information they have learned in measurable ways. All of our programs are designed to incorporate our five outcomes:

  • Develop a Strong Sense of Self
  • Display Positive Values
  • Seek Challenges
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Become Community Problem Solvers

How to Support our Outreach Programs

Uniquely Me and Fearlessly Me programming works through partnerships with local schools and organizations, grant and foundation partners, volunteers, and with parents and girls themselves—to develop relationships and facilitate a curriculum that supports girls’ success throughout life. With your help, we can ensure Girl Scout programming is accessible to all girls.


You can make a huge impact as an outreach volunteer. Girls need strong mentors and positive role models from within their community to provide guidance, inspiration, and support. Uniquely Me and Fearlessly Me volunteers can assist at weekly meetings, chaperone field trips, or support the girls for a couple months as they participate in the cookie program. Join Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois (GSEIWI) to become an outreach volunteer.


“Girls that participate in the outreach programs often require financial assistance with membership dues and to ensure access to quality and relevant activities for all girls, we need your help.” Through your financial support, Uniquely Me and Fearlessly Me give girls a chance to bridge the opportunity gap and reach their full potential as leaders.

Partner with Us

We meet girls where they are at. “We do our best to hold troop meetings during lunch time at school, right after school or at a location where girls are already participating in after school programming to remove the burden of transportation on families.” GSEIWI partners with over 80 schools, community centers, and youth-serving organizations to lead Uniquely Me and Fearlessly Me troop meetings in locations that are convenient for girls. Interested in becoming a site partner? Contact us!