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Community Outreach

We believe that every girl deserves the opportunity to change the world. Through our community outreach programs, staff and volunteers provide the opportunity for all girls to become Girl Scouts and reach their full potential. Some barriers girls face to participating in Girl Scouts are lack of:

  • Transportation
  • Financial Resources
  • Parental Support

Participating in a traditional Girl Scout Troop can be challenging for girls when there is not enough volunteers at their school or in their neighborhood. By providing Uniquely Me (grades K-3) and Fearlessly Me (grades 4-8) programs at schools and community centers, all girls have access to a safe and quality experience. 


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Similar to a traditional Girl Scout Troop, Girl Scouts in community outreach programs participate in STEM, outdoors, life skills, and entrepreneurship activities. From hosting Cookie Booths with volunteers to meeting weekly to explore their interests with friends, Girl Scouts in our Outreach Programs are building a foundation of success.

Staff lead the six-week program series to introduce girls to new topics and skills. By the end of the program, girls are beginning to achieve:



Uniquely Me and Fearlessly Me programming works through partnerships with more than 80 schools, community centers, and youth-serving organizations as well corporate, grant, and foundation partners to make this experience possible! With your help, we can continue and expand the accessibility of Girl Scout programs.


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If you are a positive role model and passionate about helping girls, join our team! We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help facilitate programs. Volunteers play an essential role! They connect girls with new experiences and fun activities, but also show girls that they matter and have an important role in making our world a better place.