Troop Leaders
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Troop Leaders

Troops and Juliettes (individual Girl Scouts) make friends, build new skills, earn badges and awards, and have fun!

What Troops Do

Whether you are a first time troop leader or a leader with years of experience, you know the importance of helping girls have the best Girl Scout experience possible. We encourage all troops to:

  • Meet at least once per month
  • Participate in traditions like songs, games, and ceremonies
  • Complete a service project
  • Get outdoors
  • Experience a Girl Scout event or field trip
  • Participate in the Girl Scout Product Programs
  • Choose a few badges to work on
  • Most importantly, just have FUN!


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We're here for you!

Volunteer help and support is always a phone call or email away. Our customer care team is happy to answer your questions and assist you as you volunteer. Just call 800-798-0833 or email