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Her Big Future with Girl Scouts

Starting school brings a lot of changes for girls, but there are a few simple things you can do to help her start preparing for Kindergarten with confidence!

  1. Prepare her for the basics. Practice putting on and taking off her shoes or zipping her coat.
  2. Take turns telling a story to learn valuable communication skills.
  3. Develop skills for making friends, like learning to share or using kind words. 
  4.  Start learning more about the opportunities Girl Scouts has to offer her and her future, and get ready to join on April 1st. 

In an all-girl group of new friends, her confidence will grow as she tries new things and achieves big goals. When she becomes a Girl Scout, she will earn badges, make new friends, and explore her interests! 

Is your daughter five years old and in Kindergarten? Sign up today!

If your daughter is not five years old or in Kindergarten, yet, we can send you helpful information about starting her Girl Scout journey and follow up when she is eligible to join.