Challenge Course
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Challenge Course

The sky is the limit at Camp Liberty! The high ropes course lets girls test their courage and build confidence in a safe, supportive environment.  They'll challenge themselves with team-focused games, complete problem solving initiatives and attempt low and high elements—all under the leadership of highly trained and certified staff.

All of our challenge course activities follow the philosophy of "Challenge by Choice" which allows participants to choose their level of participation during the event. Want to learn more? Check out our Challenge Course Guidebook.

Challenge Weekends

Girls in grades 6-12 and adults are invited to Camp Liberty one weekend each month, September-November, to join the Challege Course program. Morning and afternoon sessions are available with a minimum of six participants and a maximum of 12 participants. Challenge weekend sessions are three hours and will include low ropes, ground school, high ropes, and zip line. $30/participant.