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Girl Scout Equestrian Program

Grow in confidence and compassion through the equestrian program at Camp Liberty! Whether a girl is riding for the first time or she is a seasoned equestrian, she will experience the joys of connecting with a lovable horse. Visit our equestrian facilities!

To grow up courageous and strong, girls need to take comfortable risks, seek adventure, and develop empathy for all. Horseback riding creates an environment for today’s girls to become tomorrow’s leaders. From caring for a horse through feeding and grooming to testing her skills on the trails and in the covered arena, girls are learning the stand tall and calm. 

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Weekend Horseback Riding

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In the spring and fall, girls in grades K-12 are invited to Camp Liberty for 90-minute pony, arena, and trail rides.

Grades K-1 – Pony rides with adults
Grades 2-3 – Arena rides
Grades 4-5 – Arena or trail rides
Grades 6-12 – Trail rides

Cost is $30 per rider for arena and pony rides, and $35 per rider for trail rides. All participants must review the guidelines and complete a waiver to participate.

Progressive Summer Camp Program

Summer camp has a special track just for girls who love horses! Through the progressive equestrian program, riders will spend a full week at the equestrian facility and develop their riding skills as well as enjoy traditional summer camp activities.

Grades 5-6 – Level 1: eQUESTrians
Grades 6-7 – Level 2: Giddy-Up Girls
Grades 7-10 – Level 3: Trail Mates
Grades 8-12 – Level 4: Trotters
Grades 9-12 – Level 5: Take the Reins
Grades 9-12 – Level 6: Liberty Riders

Also look for specialty sessions for girls who would like to ride horses at summer camp, but do not want to participate in the progressive program.