Religious Awards

Created by national religious organizations to encourage the spiritual growth of youth members, religious recognition programs reinforce many of the values integral to Girl Scouting and help girls grow stronger in and learn more about their chosen faith.

Each religious organization develops and administers its own program, which can be found here. Check with your local Girl Scout council or contact the religious organization directly to obtain the curriculum booklets.

You can find this brochure, a video explaining religious recognition programs, and other resources for collaborating with faith communities at P.R.A.Y. Publishing.

Each March, during the week of Girl Scouts’ birthday, faith partners join us to help girls celebrate the connections between their faith and Girl Scouts. Celebration days include Girl Scout Sunday, Girl Scout Jummah, Girl Scout Sabbath and Girl Scout Shabbat.
Faith partners have been working with Girl Scouts since 1912 to reach out to communities and serve girls and families. Some ways that faith partners can work with Girl Scouts include hosting a troop, engaging Girl Scouts in service opportunities, and helping girls earn their My Promise, My Faith pin and religious recognitions.

The My Promise, My Faith pin invites Girl Scouts to experience a faith journey by exploring the connections between the Girl Scout Law and teachings from their faith. This pin can be earned each year. Requirements for this pin are included in The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting for all levels.

To learn more about earning your My Promise, My Faith pin, check out these resources: