Service Awards

When you earn a Cadette, Senior, or Ambassador Community Service bar, you are making a difference in your community – and practicing the values of the Girl Scout Law. It’s also a great way to get involved with a cause you care about.

To earn a Community Service Bar, choose ONE organization you’d like to volunteer at least 20 hours. You need to track your volunteering hours on a time log. After completing at least 20 hours with the organization, please submit your application and time log for final approval of your service. Applications are processed and certificates sent 2-3 weeks after submission. Members are responsible for purchasing the Community Service Bar from their local shop. Community Service Bar can be earned once per Girl Scout level, Cadette, Senior, AND Ambassador.

If you choose to volunteer at least 20 hours to the Girl Scout organization as a Cadette, Senior, or Ambassador, you can receive the Service to Girl Scouting Bar. For example, you might volunteer your time at a special event for younger girls, be an office assistant for your council or service unit, or help with special projects. Council approval is not needed before beginning, but be sure to submit your time log and the Service to Girl Scouting Bar Application  after completion of your hours.
This award recognizes a Girl Scout Cadette, Senior, or Ambassador who acts as a leader in her community. The award is earned by completing a National Leadership Journey and serving in a leadership position at a school, place of worship, library, or similar organization.
The President’s Volunteer Service Award  recognizes United States citizens, including kids ages 5 and up, who have achieved between 26 and 250 hours of service to their community over a 12-month time period. Hours spent on the Girl Scout Gold, Silver or Bronze award also count towards the minimum number of hours for the President’s Volunteer Service Award.
This award is given to a Girl Scout who has shown presence of mind (a clear and calm head) and true Girl Scout spirit in an emergency.
This award is given to a girl who has shown extraordinary heroism or risked her life to save another’s.