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Hey, Cookie Bosses!

When you sell Girl Scout Cookies you’re taking your first steps as an entrepreneur and learning how to achieve your dreams! Through the Cookie Program, girls earn awesome rewards, earn funds for activities, and support your local council to keep our movement strong.

Digital Cookie Extension
Shipped Digital Cookie orders and Digital Cookie Care to Share donations will remain open through April 9, 2023. Troops who choose to keep sharing their Digital Cookie girl or troop links will earn $1.00/per package sold in troop profit for Digital Cookie shipped orders and Digital Cookie Care to Share donations taken from March 27- April 9, 2023.

Troops participating will receive an ACH back into their account with the additional troop profit earned. All other cookie season deadlines will remain the same.

2023 Cookie Season

January 11
Digital Cookie email sent to all Girl Scout families.

January 13
Digital Cookie begins and girls can start taking orders in person.

January 24
Deadline for troop leaders to enter initial order. Troops will pick up cookies in mid-February.

February 17
In-hand cookie sales and Cookie Booths begin.

March 26
Cookie Program ends.

Rewards will be distributed to girls in May!

Ways to Participate

  1. Take orders with those iconic order cards!
  2. Sell online through Digital Cookie
  3. Visit your neighbors door-to-door (remember to wear a mask!)
  4. Host a Cookie Booth (virtual, drive-thru, or in-person) with your Troop at local businesses and events
  5. Create a Lemonade Stand in your neighborhood
Earn a Trip to 2023 Convention


Girls going into 6th Grade Summer of 2023 can earn a spot to attend the 2023 Girl Scout Convention with the GSEIWI Council!

Extra, Extra! Girl Scouts take over Disney Resorts in Orlando! Our council is developing a trip to the 2023 Girl Scouts National Convention at the magical Disney Resorts. What happens at Convention? It is a celebration of all things Girl Scouts! Meet incredible female role models, participate in sessions and presentations from the Columbus Zoo, and even try scuba diving! Enjoy daily entertainment from traditional Girl Scouts songs to dance parties, and fun Disney extras! Best of all, be part of the sisterhood that surrounds the entire event.  Participants must be entering 6th grade in the fall of 2023 or older.

Event Date: July 19th, 2023 - July 24th, 2023

How to Earn: 

  • Sell 175 Items during the 2022 Fall Product Program and 2,500 packages of Cookies during the 2023 Cookie Program. (All super-seller rewards for cookie program will be forfeited if trip is chosen as reward.)


  • Sell 3,000 Packages of Cookies during the 2023 Cookie Program Season. (All super-seller rewards for cookie program will be forfeited if trip is chosen as reward.)


Digital Cookie

With the Digital Cookie™ platform, the Girl Scout Cookie Program you know and love is better than ever. Fun, easy-to-use tools help you superpower your sale and go beyond the booth with online and mobile channels that make it easy for cookie fans near and far to support your sale and, ultimately, your success.

To start using Digital Cookie, look for an email from "Girl Scout Cookies" with the subject "Ready. Set. Register for Digital Cookie." Please check your Spam, Junk, and Promotion folders for the registration email. If you do not see the email, email and our team can help you.

Digital Cookie Rewards

Girls earn these rewards when they reach each level of cookies sold using their Digital Cookie site. Digital Cookie orders count toward the girl’s Initial Order, Care to Share, and Final girl rewards. Girls also earn special rewards when they reach each level of cookies sold using their Digital Cookie site.

75+ Packages
Cookie Techie Patch



150+ Packages
Kayak Pouch



250+ Packages
Fashion Sunglasses


Digital Cookie Trainings


Get ready for shipping to open up on Digital Cookie!

Girl Scouts should send another round of Digital Cookie emails out to friends and family near and far to be entered into a NEW contest.

Girl Scouts who send at least ten emails from 2/27-3/5 will be entered into the contest! During this time period, Girl Scouts will earn an additional entry for every shipped order they receive through Digital Cookie. 100 eligible Girl Scouts will be randomly selected to win a cutie bean!

Promote Your Cookie Business

Download your cookie promotional kit to get the word out about your cookie business! Explore the kit and click on the links throughout to download graphics and templates to share on your social media pages.
Cookie Program Promotional Kit

Find other marketing materials on Little Brownie Bakers website!

Use QR codes to boost your cookie business! Download the QR code guide for how-to tips and use the flyer template to promote your Digital Cookie account while you're out and about.

More Info for Cookie Sellers

Care to Share
2023 Gift of Caring Patch

Customers can purchase cookies to donate to men and women serving in the military through a council-sponsored program called Care to Share. Cookies purchased go directly to military personnel and essential workers in our community through organizations like Iowa’s Bravest and Soldier’s Angels.

Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois facilitates the delivery of cookies purchased through this program. In 2022, Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois collected donations of 26,000 packages of cookies for the Care to Share Program!

Girls who sell 15 or more packages earn the Gift of Caring patch.

Cookie Captains

Earn Additional Cookie Credit!
Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors have the opportunity to become Cookie Captains and earn additional program credits! Because the largest girl-led business in the world is a major part of Girl Scouts and greatly benefits our council, we want to provide older girls an opportunity to share their expertise with younger girls.

There are optional activities for girls to complete to earn credits, but all girls must complete the online training to earn an initial $5 in program credit and train a Cookie Rookie Troop to earn another $5 in program credit. All Cookie Captains will need to complete a final report as well. Below is a list of other activities to earn additional credits.

  • Help at a Cookie Rally = $5
  • Help half of the girls in a troop setup Digital Cookie accounts = $5
  • Help a troop achieve a PGA (Per Girl Average) of 175 = $15

Cookie Captains must complete their final report by Friday, April 21, 2023. Reports can be mailed to Shelli Griffin at 940 Golden Valley Dr., Bettendorf, IA 52722 or emailed to

Juliettes and Non-Troop Sellers

The Juliette program allows girls to register individually for Girl Scouts, mixing and matching different activities to meet their needs and interests. Juliettes can participate in the Cookie Program, learn business skills, and earn rewards! This includes girls who may be in a troop, but choosing to participate individually in the Cookie Program (if the troop is not participating).

To sell cookies if you are an Individually Registered Member or if your troop is not participating in the cookie sale please complete this form:


Girl Scouts can earn awesome prizes throughout the Cookie Program. Check out this year's rewards line-up and start planning your goals! 

Girls can also receive some rewards instantly when they reach 110 and 185 packages sold.  

110 packages: Decal Stickers


185 packages: Dolphin Tail Pen

250 packages: Pick out an instant mystery reward

Stop into a Girl Scout Office to pick out an instant mystery reward as your Girl Scout sells in increments of 250 packages of cookies! When she reaches 250, 500, 750, 1,000 and beyond, she’s eligible to pick out a prize. Each office has tons of prizes to choose from, like notebooks, shirts, stuffed animals, stocking hats, keychains, bath bombs, and more.
With parent permission, Girl Scouts will be featured on Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois social media. Look for the posts on Wednesday evenings!

500 Club
Girls selling 500+ packages will become a member of the elite 500 Club! Girls earn a special bar segment and certificate in celebration of their success!

Program Credit
Program Credit is an individual girl reward. It can be used to pay for camp, council-sponsored and Service Unit events, uniforms, pins, awards, and merchandise at the Girl Scout shops or camp trading posts. This year all girls will earn program credits in the amount of $5 for every 50 packages of cookies sold starting at 200 and ending at 500.  Girls will also have the option to choose $100 Program Credit instead of a reward at each level at and above 500 packages sold.

These programs can also be banked for Cadettes and older to save for National/international trips or High Award projects.  

Cookie Program Scavenger Hunt

Join the Cookie Program scavenger hunt for the chance to win one of five dolphin pillows! 

Girls need to be members of Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois to earn an entry for a prize.

1. Complete 15 activities throughout cookie season.

2. Drop your completed form off at a Girl Scout office or fill out the online form when you complete the scavenger hunt.

3. Scavenger hunt forms must be submitted by March 26, 2023, for a chance to win 1 of 5 dolphin pillows.

4. Winners will be drawn at random and announced at the end of the Cookie Program.

Girl Executive Club

Girls have  the opportunity to join the Girl Executive Club!

Girls that sell $325 in Fall Program items and 1000+ packages of cookies and renew for 2023 by May 15 can join this exclusive club!  Some of the perks include: a special patch, sneak preview to the 2023 Fall Product Program rewards and 2024 Cookie Program rewards, and much more!

Sisters Program

Sisters selling cookies can work together to sell a Per Girl Average (PGA) of 100+ packages and receive the custom 2023 Sisters patch!

Fill out the Sister Cookie Rewards Request Form by April 6, 2023 to receive your sister patches. Girls do not have to be in the same troop to be eligible. Girls need to be members of Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois.


All girls who sell 1500 packages of cookies during the 2023 Program will be invited to spend an afternoon and have lunch with Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois’ CEO – Diane Nelson! 

Cookie Partner Program

Cookie Partner Program gives girls and troops an opportunity to practice their entrepreneurship skills by reaching out to local business and organizations and secure a large cookie sale.

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