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Middle & High School Programs

Teens are changing the world, and our program helps them step outside their comfort zone and learn the tools to take action! As Girl Scouts progress through middle and high school, they have the opportunities to travel, tackle large-scale service projects, and learn life skills that make “adulting” less challenging as they get into the real world. From car care workshops to traveling abroad to achieving the Gold Award, middle and high school Girl Scouts are prepared to take on anything.

Whether she participates in Girl Scouts on her schedule as a Juliette or works with her troop, she will have a safe and supportive community to just be herself. Our council hosts programs, conferences, and committee opportunities for girls to connect with other teens in the region and make life-long friendships.

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Learn to Lead is an annual CSA overnight event which is created by our High School Girl Advisory Committee. Program is developed around a theme such as Financing Your Future, Mental Health, and Achieving Your Full Potential. This program features guest speakers in various topic areas, fun activities, crafts, and great food! This event is typically held in November each year.

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Raise Your Voice (Third weekend in JUNE) is a yearly opportunity for Girl Scouts to work on a themed Leadership Journey. Through these themed activities, girls develop skills and ambitions to contribute to the social world while experiencing dorm life at a college campus.


Girl Advisory Committee

Senior/Ambassador Girl Members have the ability to participate in GSEIWI's Girl Advisory Committee. The girls on this committee provide guidance and plan alongside GSEIWI staff in the development of older girl programming and leadership experiences. The committee will represent a critical voice to advise GSEIWI on the future direction of Leadership Experience for older girls in the council.

The Girl Advisory Committee is responsible for:

  • Planning/Implementing Fall leadership weekend event for CSA
  • Giving continued feedback on programming for CSA girls
  • Reviewing/Advising on council renewal incentives
  • Maintaining older girl specific social media platform on Discord
  • Helping to celebrate girls at Honoring Excellence
  • Other Duties as opportunities arise

The Girl Advisory Committee meets the first Tuesday of each month virtually from 7:30-8:30PM. Committee also has 2 in person meet ups each year for team building. Members are expected to be communicative through social media between scheduled meetings. Girls are eligible to apply to become a member of the Girl Advisory Committee in the April/May of their 8th grade year and throughout high school. Applications open May 1-May 20.


Girl Member of GSEIWI Board of Directors

Senior/Ambassadors have the ability to serve on the GSEIWI Board of Directors. This is an opportunity for a girl to sharpen her developing leadership skills by establishing relationships with council CEO and Board of Directors.

Girl Members are non-voting members but are encouraged to voice their opinions, experiences, and suggestions during Board Meetings. Girls are expected to be able to attend the majority of board meetings which are held quarterly. Applications for Girl Board Members are open until January 8th at 11:59 p.m..

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How does she want her Girl Scout experience to look?

Reach her potential in the outdoors! She can spend her summers at Camp Liberty, whether as a camper or as a staff member. We have programs planned for older girls like the progressive equestrian program and a fast-track to becoming a camp counselor through Program Aide, Spark, and Counselor-in-Training sessions. And did we mention that we have a Trailblazers troop dedicated to outdoor enthusiasts?

Experience new cultures and expand her horizons! Through council travel and destinations, she can see the world. Our team highly encourages girls to travel! Not only is it fun, but it also teaches valuable skills like budgeting, planning, working as a team, decision making, critical thinking, and more.

Take her next steps as an entrepreneur! Cookies aren’t just cute; they power experiences for girls around the world. When girls in middle and high school manage their cookie sales, they build a resume for becoming business owners. From developing digital marketing campaigns to connecting with companies to buy cookies to tracking inventory and customers, girls learn real-world skills with these sweet treats.

Find her passion for STEM! Girl Scouts are closing the science, technology, engineering, and math industry gaps between men and women. With new robotics badges, expanded tech company partnerships, and programs like our astronomy club, girls will learn the hard skills necessary to enter these fields and the soft skills required to disrupt an industry.

Change the world! Literally. Each year, more and more Girl Scouts go for gold in our region. Through earning High Awards like the Silver Award (grades 6-8) and Gold Award (grades 9-12), girls are identifying a community issue, assembling a team, and taking action with a sustainable solution. Recent Gold Award recipients have paved the way by providing hygiene kits for low-income women, establishing reusable school supply programs for refugees, and building enrichment habitats for zoos.

Where does she start to make such an impact? By becoming a Girl Scout. Renew her membership or join at any age. 


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