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Powering Girl Entrepreneurs

Thank you for supporting the largest girl-led business! With your volunteer support, every girl in your Troop knows that she matters and can accomplish anything. We appreciate your organization, coordination, and determination to help girls, and our council, reach the goals necessary to make Girl Scouts a strong movement. 

2023 Cookie Season Dates

January 13 – Start Taking Initial Orders
January 18 – Early Booth Signs Ups Open- Fall Participants only
January 21, 22, 23 – Booth Sign Ups 
January 24 – Initial Order Due @ Midnight
February 11, 13-16 – Initial Order Delivery to SUPM’s
February 17 – Cookie Booths Begin
March 1 – 1st ACH Pull
March 26 - Last day of sale
March 29 – Problem Collection Forms (PCFs) Due
March 29– Troop Rewards Order Due
April 5 – Final ACH Pull


Digital Cookie Extension
Shipped Digital Cookie orders and Digital Cookie Care to Share donations will remain open through April 9, 2023. Troops who choose to keep sharing their Digital Cookie girl or troop links will earn $1.00/per package sold in troop profit for Digital Cookie shipped orders and Digital Cookie Care to Share donations taken from March 27- April 9, 2023.

Troops participating will receive an ACH back into their account with the additional troop profit earned. All other cookie season deadlines will remain the same.

Get Started

Follow Cookie Connections for a successful cookie season! All important dates, guidelines, and instructions are found in this helpful digital guide.

Cookie Connections
Training Videos & Materials

For your safety and convenience, we will be offering Cookie Program trainings online! All trainings will be recorded. You will still need to be in touch with your Service Unit Product Manager in order to get Service Unit Specific information such as materials pick up and cookie delivery.

Here are the steps to prepare for your troop to sell cookies!
  • Attend your Service Unit Cookie Meeting
    These local meetings take place in December or January. Please email if you are not connected with your Service Unit and do not know the date. At this meeting, you will learn important local information and get a package of the new Raspberry Rally Girl Scout Cookie! Also, keep an eye out for upcoming cookie rallies to get your girls ready for the Cookie Program!

  • Complete training online
    You will complete the online training in gsLearn. We recommend that you complete the training in December. There are required sections for all troops to complete and optional training that is helpful for volunteers who are new to the Cookie Program.

  • Hold a Family Cookie Meeting for the parents in your troop
    After your complete training, schedule this meeting in December or January. Parents will follow your lead for helping their Girl Scouts sell cookies, so explain your troop’s goal, important deadlines, and parent responsibilities. Cookie Connections has all of this info!

  • Participate in a Cookie Rally.
    Ask your service unit when they are holding Cookie Rallies for the 2023 Cookie Season or participate with a take home kit and online Council Rally!

Log in to Digital Cookie to set up your troop cookie link.

You will complete the online training in gsLearn. Cookie training will consist of:

  • A required section on the Cookie Program for all troop leaders to complete in December.
  • A required section on troop finances for all troop leaders to complete in January.
  • Optional training sections for new troop leaders will also be included to be completed in January.

Digital Cookie Training for Troop Product Managers 
Digital Cookie is an online platform that allows girls to sell cookies in a safe and contactless way. Girls and troops can accept debit/credit card payments when selling cookies door-to-door or at cookie booths. Topics in this training include setting up girl and troop accounts, managing Digital Cookie sales, and using the mobile app.

Digital Cookie Training for Parents/Guardians
Digital Cookie is an online platform that allows girls to sell cookies in a safe and contactless way. Girls and troops can accept debit/credit card payments when selling cookies door-to-door or at cookie booths. Topics in this training include setting up your account, managing Digital Cookie sales, and using the mobile app.

More training videos are found in the eBudde Help Center!

Volunteer Responsibilities

Troop Responsibilities:

  • A current bank account including a completed ACH form.
  • At least two registered and approved Troop Leaders.
  • A registered and approved adult as the Troop Product Manager who has signed the Troop Product Manager Agreement form.
  • The Troop Product Manager can also be a Troop Leader, but this must be added as a role.

Troop Product Manager (TPM) Responsibilities:

  • Teach girls the 5 Skills of the Cookie Sale Program.
  • Create a receipt any time cookies or money is exchanged. Receipts must be dated and signed.
  • Ensure that all cookies that are ordered, picked up at a cupboard, or transferred from another troop are inventoried.
  • Collect and keep all permission forms and signed receipts.
  • Track all payments received from parents or at booth sales and follow financial procedures for money management success.
  • Track and order all girl rewards earned by the troop. Rewards should be distributed to girls within two weeks of receiving them.
TPM Agreement
Family Cookie Meeting

Schedule a meeting with girls and families prior to starting the Cookie Sale Program. At the meeting, explain the program with the Cookie Program Family Guide, collect permission forms, and encourage parents to volunteer.

What families should know:

  • Cookie dates and guidelines.
  • The 5 Skills girls learn.
  • The importance of goal setting.
  • Troop proceeds and girl rewards. Funds that do not directly
  • go to girls support services for troops like volunteer training,
  • special events, and program opportunities.
  • Ways to participate and phases of the sale.
  • Cookie varieties and cost.
  • Rules and responsibilities.

Give this flyer to Girl Scouts and their families with ways to participate in the Cookie Program.

Family Meeting Guides

Cookie Rally Resources

This Girl Scout Cookie Season, Little Brownie Bakers® is providing resources to help councils adapt to a changing environment and support virtual selling opportunities for girls. Use the resources outlined in this guide to plan an engaging virtual Girl Scout Cookie™ rally. Girls will have fun as they learn new and creative ways to connect virtually with customers and each other.

Give this flyer to Girl Scouts and their families with ways to participate in the Cookie Program.

Cookie Rally Take Home Kits

Service Unit 811 has again partnered with council to offer Girl Scouts and troops a Take Home Rally Kit so you can participate in a Cookie Rally - your way!

A cookie rally is a great way to get the girls excited for our upcoming cookie sales! They will get to do arts and crafts, create selling tools, sample this year’s cookies and of course make our annual lanyards and cookie mascot charms. By doing this they will learn some of the cookie sale basics like goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

This is a take home option for those who'd like to have a rally and make it their own:

  • Leaders/parents may decide to use their Rally Kit at a time that works better for them, as a troop or individually - sort of like a "Mini Rally". You will receive printed, step by step instructions for each craft/activity so leaders/parents can teach the girls on their own. You're also welcome to add or change things to best fit your girls.
  • Each girl will receive a Rally Kit- complete with all instructions and items needed to do each activity/craft (excluding simple things like crayons or scissors). There will be activities focused on the "5 Cookie Sales Skills". And Yes! They will also get a sample cookie and some mascot-themed goodies! (Please note food allergies) 
  • If ordering as a troop, we will provide hand sanitizer and masks to help you adhere to GS Covid guidelines. Also all Rally Kits will be packaged individually for each girl to keep items separate and clean.
  • This qualifies as a rally and as such, you will earn the Girl Scout Rally Patch from council. (Let your Cookie SUPM know you attended a rally).
  • Shipping: In order to keep costs down we will be distributing kits 2 ways:
    • Pick up your rally kits at one of the GS office locations - Cedar Rapids, Camp Little Cloud in Dubuque, Waterloo, Bettendorf, or West Burlington after Feb 1st for free. (May be sooner depending on shipping for items).
    • We can also ship your kits directly to your house for a flat rate shipping fee of $15 for up to 12 kits. Kits may arrive sooner but expect no later than Feb 1st.

To ensure plenty of time for the kits to be assembled and delivered, REGISTRATION IS DUE DEC 17TH. Sign up to get your Take Home Cookie Rally Kit now!

If you have any questions feel free to email -


Cookie Program Websites & Apps


Order cookies, track girl activity, and order girl rewards. New this year: You can watch microburst (mini) eBudde video trainings on many topics at the helpdesk on eBudde!

eBudde App:

The eBudde App is free and available to troop and service unit volunteers supporting the cookie program, as well as cupboard and delivery station clerks.

Little Brownie Bakers:

Find girl activities, marketing ideas, cookie facts, program resources, and clipart to help girls prepare for the cookie sale. You can even use the Built by Me Cookie Planner, to plan your troop’s cookie sale step-by-step!

Digital Cookie:

Parents will receive a personal email to set up their daughter’s account. Girl Scouts can set up their own personalized sales pages, take credit card payments, and ship cookies directly to their customers..

Girl Scouts of the USA:

Locate information on the Girl Scout Cookie Program and national cookie badges and pins.

MyGS & GSLearn:

Complete training and get important information for a successful cookie program. 

Troop Initial Order

Let’s get right to it—how do I get my cookies? With the eBudde online platform! It’s easier now than ever to manage cookie inventory, find your delivery location, and transfer to other troops (so we can all help a Girl Scout sister out)!

Troop Cookie Calculator

Need to get your initial order calculated, but unsure where to start? Check out our Cookie Calculator! This handy resource will help new troops, as well as existing troops determine their initial order amounts.  Remember, this is just a recommendation. You can order more or less if you choose.

Cookie Booths

In 2023, Troops are breaking the Cookie Booth mold and finding new ways to reach customers! Try a mix of in-person (remember your masks), virtual, and drive-thru Cookie Booths.

Cookie Booth Basics

New this year: All troops will need to have a Booth Contract filled out and signed before participating in any Council Sponsored Booth. This form must be signed and sent to

Cookie Booth Marketing
Need materials to make your booth the best booth ever? Download posters, banners, name tags, receipts, thank-you cards, and more at Little Brownie Bakers.

Cookie Cupboard Basics

You can pick up cookies from any cookie cupboard listed in eBudde.

There are no returns on cookies unless they are checked out on consignment for a booth sale- then you have 48 hours from the time of the booth sale to return unsold cookies.

Cookie cupboards have limited inventory on hand – if you do not place a pending order, you may not get the cookies you need.

On average, a three-hour cookie booth assortment could be:

2 to 3 cases Thin Mint
2 to 3 cases of Samoas
2 cases Tagalongs
2 cases Adventurefuls
1 to 2 cases Do-si-Dos
1 to 2 cases S’mores
1 case (or less) of Lemon Ups
1 case (or less) Trefoils
1 case (or less) Toffee-tastics

Cookie Booth Rules

  1. Review the Girl Scout Law. Your troop is representing Girl Scouts to the community and is expected to behave in a professional manner.
  2. One troop leader, one adult, and two to four girls are required to attend a booth sale.
  3. Carry a cash box or money bag with around $30-$60 in change.
  4. Dress appropriately for weather and wear uniforms, Girl Scout apparel, or Girl Scout pins.
In-Person Cookie Booths

Much has changed in the world since the start of last year’s Girl Scout Cookie Season. Yet together with volunteers like you, we can help girls reach their goals whatever the circumstances—while building skills that last a lifetime. In this guide, you’ll find a variety of new tools, tips and resources to help you support girls during in-person events. You’ll find options for low- and no-contact participation as you guide girls along this pathway to success. Only two adults and two to four girls should be at a Cookie Booth at a time.

In-Person Booth

Before hosting a Cookie Booth, read the safety guidelines from Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. Also consider setting up your in-person booth like a drive-thru booth to limit contact. 

Virtual Cookie Booths

Virtual booths—hosted on social media—give girls a way to achieve their sales goals and help others in their community from home. In fact, girls may find this allows them to discover new ways to take the lead in their cookie business and stay connected through virtual means. Find out how they work!

Virtual Booths

Assigning Cookies to Girls from your Troop Link in eBudde (video)
Credit orders from your virtual cookie booth to the girls in your troop to make sure they get rewards and stay involved in cookie season. More training videos are found in the eBudde Help Center!

Drive-Thru Cookie Booths

When you host a drive-thru booth, Girl Scout Cookie Season moves into high gear! We’ve got lots of resources to help—from banners and stop signs to social-distancing signs and mask-design ideas.  Only two adults and two to four girls should be at a Cookie Booth at a time.

Drive-Thru Booth

Watch the drive-thru booth how-to video made by our friends at Girl Scouts of of the Chesapeake Bay.

Cookie Booth Return Policy

Per GSUSA food safety protocol for Girl Scout Cookies, cookie cupboards may accept returns of UNOPENED cases of cookies only – NO EXCEPTIONS! – within 48 hours of the booth sale. This only applies to cookies checked out from a cupboard, NOT booth cookies ordered from the initial order. Those cannot be returned at all.

  • You may still check out individual packages of cookies from cookie cupboards.
  • You will not be allowed to exchange individual packages of cookies with cookie cupboards.
  • You may exchange full, unopened cases of cookies with cookie cupboards.
  • Use extra cookies that girls or the troop already has on hand at booth sales.
  • Don’t over-order the less popular varieties – such as Do-si-Dos, S’mores, Lemons Ups, Toffee–tastics, and Trefoils.
  • Contact your Cupboard Manager or Service Unit Product Manager for help placing your order.
  • If you have leftover packages that you are not able to return, hold another booth sale, give them out to the girls in the troop to sell door to door, schedule a Cookie Caravan where the troop canvasses neighborhoods to sell cookies, or hold a text-a-thon at your next troop meeting where girls will text as many friends and family members as they can in one hour
  • Use eBudde's new Cookie Exchange to trade cookies with other troops.

Helpful Resources

Digital Cookie

The Digital Cookie app makes it super simple for customers to order their faves online and pay by credit card to either get the cookies right from you or have them shipped—awesome!

Take Contactless Payments

Use the Digital Cookie mobile app to take contactless payments!

  1. On the main page, click the blue box, “New Cookie Order.”
  2. Enter the packages the customer would like to purchase (or donate) and then check out.  
  • It will say shipped orders because the troop links are set up for shipped and donated orders.
  • Ignore this message and go to the next page.
  • If your troop would like to add delivery orders to your troop link, you can do this on your set up page under inventory – but we don’t recommend that because your troop will no longer be on the Cookie Finder.
  1. Choose “give cookies to the customer now” and click continue.
  2. Next to the card number, click on the picture of the credit card to use your phone’s camera for contactless payments. This tech only uses your camera to scan the card and does not store any data on your phone.
Mobile Contactless Payment
Troop Product Manager Training

Troop Product Manager Training
Find the steps for Troop Product Managers to guide their girls with Digital Cookie.

Step-by-Step Guides
More Resources

Little Brownie Bakers has released a series of new YouTube Videos to help you prepare for Cookie Season!

Topics include:

  • Council Booth Sales (How to sign up)
  • Girl Rewards – How to enter them and how to distribute them
  • Initial Order – How to put in your Troops initial order
  • Sales Report – How to see your troops Sales Report
  • Transactions - How to use the transactions tab
  • Troop Booth Sales – How to enter a booth for approval
  • Payments – How to use the payments tab and what it does
  • Cookie Exchange – How to list extra cookies or find cookie you need from other troops

Troop Cookie Finances

All proceeds from the Cookie Program stay local! This financial literacy program not only teaches girls business skills, but also funds their troop experiences. 

Troop Profit

How Much Will My Troop Earn?

Troops earn 65-75¢ per package sold. Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador troops who opt out of rewards for higher troop profit earn 75-85¢ per package sold. Troops that opt out will still qualify for all patches, Program Credit, and the Super Seller Club rewards. Troops who opt out will also qualify for PGA incentives: Troop Ts (300 Troop PGA) and Troop Trips (500 PGA).

Product Sale Bonus

Troops have the opportunity to earn an additional product sales bonus per package sold if they reach a certain per girl average (PGA) for the cookie sale. Take the total number of packages sold by your troop, divided by the number of girls selling and plug that into the chart to figure out how much your troop will earn per package sold. You can also find your troop PGA in eBudde on the total sales report or the final rewards page – already calculated. Girls not selling do not count toward your troop PGA.

Per Girl Average Rate* (Standard) Rate* (Opt Out)
1-249 $0.65 $0.75
250-299 $0.70 $0.80
300+ $0.75 $0.85

* Rate per package

Payments & Finances

Collecting Payment

  • No money should be collected for cookies until they are delivered.
  • Initial cookie orders should be delivered within two weeks.
  • Retrieve money from sellers and deposit often. Do not hold cash or checks – deposit them immediately. Once cookie money is turned in to you, you are responsible for it, even if it gets lost or stolen.
  • If parents have $500 worth of cookies out and they haven’t made a single payment, request that they bring payment back before you give them additional cookies.

You are required to give a receipt each and every time cookies or money exchanges hands with parents/girls.

Return Policy

Troops and parents who sign for cookies cannot return them to the troop or to the cupboards/council unless a troop has checked them out for a booth sale. If a package is damaged, it can be replaced at any cookie cupboard that has extra cookies available.

Problem Collection Forms

In the event that a parent does not turn in their cookie money by the due date, complete a Problem Collection Form (PCF). As the Troop Product Manager, you are required to complete this form for any outstanding balance - no matter who the parent or the money owed.

Do not pay the past due amount with troop proceeds. 

As soon as the money is turned in, council will end the problem collection process and there will be no further action. The form must be turned in to Finance by Wednesday March 29th 2023.

Problem Collection Form

Returned Checks

Checks returned against your troop are the responsibility of the council. If you get a returned check, follow the instructions on the Returned Check Form.

Returned Check Form

Counterfeit Money

Identifying Counterfeit Money

Hold the bill up to the light and look for:

  • Watermark: In the unprinted space to the right of the portrait, the watermark can be seen from both sides of the bill since it is not actually printed on the bill, but is embedded in the paper.
  • Security thread: This is a thin, embedded strip running from top to bottom on the face of the bill. On the $10 and $50 bills, the security strip is located to the right of the portrait. On $5, $20, and $100 bills, it is located to the left of the portrait.
  • Color-shifting ink: Tilt the bill back and forth and observe the numeral in the lower right-hand corner. On the $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills (produced in 2004 and later), the color shifts from copper to green. Bills produced between 1996 and 2003, will shift from green to black. Please note: The $5 bill does not have color-shifting, regardless of the year it was produced.

If You Receive Counterfeit Money

If you suspect counterfeit money, do not put yourself or girls in danger. Do not attempt to return the bill(s) to the passer and contact your bank and local authorities.

Spoiler Alert: Counterfeit pens are unreliable

These highly popular pens used to detect counterfeit bills are no longer reliable indicators of whether a bill is counterfeit. An alternate option is to use ultraviolet light, but these also come with limitations because they are difficult to use outside. More information on how to spot counterfeit money can be found at

Cookie Program Marketing

Spread the word! Girl Scouts are selling cookies and have many options to reach customers and market their cookie businesses. 

Cookie Marketing Resources

Find handouts, posters, videos, and more!

Digital Marketing Kit

Download your cookie promotional kit to get the word out about your cookie business! Explore the kit and click on the links throughout to download graphics and templates to share on your social media pages.

Fun Cookie Activities

It’s so much fun for girls to run their own businesses and make their own decisions. With Girl Scout Cookies, they can start today.  Find fun games and resources to help girls learn essential skills and prepare for a successful cookie season. 

Care to Share

Girl Scouts have a long tradition of making the world a better place and knowing the importance of community service and the value of giving back! During the Cookie Program, this can be achieved through our Care to Share program.

Care to Share encourages girls to ask customers/ businesses to donate as little as $5 so cookies can find their way to men and women serving in the military through a council-sponsored program called Care to Share. Cookies purchased go directly to Iowa’s Bravest and Soldier’s Angels; military support organizations that send care packages.

Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois facilitates the delivery of cookies purchased through this program. In 2022, Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois collected donations of 26,032 packages of cookies for the Care to Share program! See the impact our movement made!

Care to Share Resources


More Info for Troops

Cookie Rookies & Captains


Cookie Rookie

Check out the Little Brownie Bakers website for an interactive program and activities all about Cookie Rookies!

Cookie Rookies are girls and troops new to the Cookie Sale Program. Cookie Rookie girls will receive special training at your local Cookie Rally (and a special patch!).

Girls will learn:

  • How the sale works
  • Cookie names
  • Easy ways to ask a customer to buy
  • Cookie booth essentials
  • Safety rules
  • How to set a goal


Cookie Captain

Check out the Little Brownie Bakers website for a fun video and an awesome guide, notebook, flyer and more just for Cookie Captains!

Cookie Captains are girls and troops that are experienced cookie bosses. At your local Cookie Rally, Cookie Captains will have special activities and receive a patch.

Earn Additional Cookie Credit!
Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors have the opportunity to become Cookie Captains and earn additional program credits! Because the largest girl-led business in the world is a major part of Girl Scouts and greatly benefits our council, we want to provide older girls an opportunity to share their expertise with younger girls.

There are optional activities for girls to complete to earn credits, but all girls must complete the online training to earn an initial $5 in program credit and train a Cookie Rookie Troop to earn another $5 in program credit. All Cookie Captains will need to complete a final report as well. Below is a list of other activities to earn additional credits.

  • Help at a Cookie Rally = $5
  • Help half of the girls in a troop setup Digital Cookie accounts = $5
  • Help a troop achieve a PGA (Per Girl Average) of 200 = $15

To complete the Cookie Captain Program and receive your Cookie Captain patch and additional Program Credit, complete the final report by Friday, March 31, 2023. Mail completed forms to Girl Scouts, Attn: Shelli Griffin, 940 Golden Valley Drive, Bettendorf, IA 52722 or email

Cookie Crew

During Girl Scout Cookie Season there are multitudes of people that make the cookie season a success! GSEIWI is currently looking for 10-15 volunteers to assist council staff with cookie program activities/events. You will even get your own Cookie Crew t-shirt to wear in proud support of the GSEIWI Cookie Program!

Some of these events may include (and are not necessary limited to) assisting with the following:

  • Cookie Rallies
  • Attend troop leader trainings
  • Attend parent meetings
  • Digital Cookie Days
  • Open Houses
  • Serve as a mentor to new troop leaders (can be done by phone or email)
  • Cookie Program Celebrations


  • 3 or more years Cookie Program experience
  • Availability to help at a minimum of 4 cookie program activities/events
  • Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, somewhat flexible schedule
  • Attend a webinar training conducted by GSEIWI Product Program Staff

Click Here to Apply

Cookie Partners

Cookie Partner Program gives girls and troops an opportunity to practice their entrepreneurship skills by reaching out to local business and organizations and secure a large cookie sale.

Learn More